Sunday, October 1, 2017

Hubby's Friend

It's no secret I'm a slut and love to fuck. When hubby and I are out with our friends I still dress in little skirts with no panties and give his friends peeks. There are always little naughty innuendos and teasing.
every so often I decide I'm going to fuck one of his friends. How I go about it is a little different since its someone we know not a random hookup from a dating site.
We have a friend John who is fairly new to our circle, He was very receptive to my hints when we were all out in the bar  so I was trying to come up with a way to get him to our house during the day when I'm home alone.
Hubby works on large commercial construction projects and his friend John does little remodel jobs. We have tons of leftover items around the house and garage so I decided to offer John some cabinets that have been sitting around for a few years, I texted him a few pics of them.

I wanted to give him a little hint to see how he reacted and see if he would say something naughty! 
He said he was very interested in the cabinets and would come by for a closer look. 
That really wasn't enough of an answer so I waited for him to stop by. This was My outfit as I waited

A few things came up and he couldn't come by that day till late when Hubby would be home. I postponed him so he can come by when I'm alone.
A few days later I decided to see If he wanted a vanity top and some mirrors
we had sitting around also so I sent these

Really hoping he would at least say something Naughty.
Then on a Thursday night we were getting ready to go out, John called my phone and Lee answered it, John stumbled and fumbled with Lee on the phone but later on that night I had to drop something at the bar John was in. Lee waited in the car and John mentioned that Lee shouldn't answer my phone. FINALLY the first naughty hint back.
The next morning I sent John from my work phone a few pictures of some tools we had sitting around and mentioned Lee never looks at this one. :)
Here are those pics:

All he had to do was zoom in and he can see my pussy and ass and know he can fuck me!
He didn't message back for hours! but finally here are screenshots of those messages 

Now he said he is a little worried about hubby seeing so my plan is to get him over here I'll be wearing a naughty little nighty. I'm just going to open my legs and start teasing my pussy as he talks to me. Since he said he is afraid to fuck me I will ask him to just stroke his cock and cum on my face ( that's not cheating :) 
When he is about to cum I will grab his cock and make sure every drop goes down my throat!!!
Once that happens I will tell him round 2 and I know the second time he wont be able to resist fucking me.
Stay tuned for the vids of it at

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Jeanette and the stucco guy

We've been talking about this one for a while, Stucco guy works for me and I have some stucco repairs to do at my house. He has to look at it during the day so obviously I'm not home but left a list with Jeanette.
Now this is how she was dressed waiting for him

My wife is very sweet and greeted him like a friend

She walked him around outside to show him everything, When they came back in she gave him a nice thank you hug
i Guess something was said because for some reason she decided to remove her panties
and give him a good look 

I guess when he takes care of our Stucco he will take care of much more

and so will she
Now here is a guy who works for me at my house when I'm not home and his cock is in my wife!

They finish, She cleans his cock
Then lets him take pics to show everyone at work!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Business trip

Hubby had to take a little business trip to the other coast of Florida for the weekend. Rather than sit home with no plans since it was last minute I decided to go with him to see if I can find some fun.
I  was stuck sitting in the hotel bar with hubby and his coworkers and was getting a little bored.
Up at the bar I saw a nice BBC. I offered to go up and get the next round of drinks for hubby and his friends.
I sat next to the BBC and hiked up my dress enough to show him my QOS tattoo. I wrote my number on his napkin and said text me your room number, I need to feel you inside me.
Back at the table I gave hubby and his friends their drinks as I watched my new friend walk out of the bar. 2 seconds later 223 was my text nothing else. I told hubby I was tired and was going to our room to lay down :)

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do

A while ago I got a jury duty notice for Monday July 3rd, the notice said to call on Friday before to see if I needed to report.
I called Friday afternoon before hubby got home and I didn't have to go. This left me some time to make plans for Monday. I wanted some real cock.
Monday Morning came, hubby went off to work and I got ready for "Jury duty"  put on a cute little outfit and headed out.

went to the courthouse and texted hubby that I was there and I had to turn off my Cell :) then I drove around the corner to a "friends" house. Went right inside and woke him by tasting his fat BBC.
I sucked his cock and fucked him all morning, made him a nice breakfast.
Around lunchtime we went and had a quick lunch in the park then went to a local bar where I know some of hubby's friends hang out.

Just had one beer but kissed My bbc friend openly in front of a few of hubby's friends. At least now my pussy is satisfied.
I'm not sure if Hubby will see here first or if one of his friends will text him and tell him his wife was out getting real cock.
Better yet maybe one of his friends will text me and say " I saw you with your boyfriend, Now you have to fuck me or I will tell Lee," and of course I will!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

I'm such a slut

Friday night hubby and I went out to dinner, Just a little bar place that makes great food. We were sitting at the bar having a few beers and I went to grab our food when it was ready.
Knowing hubby was leaving Saturday morning for a day business trip I figured I'd get pleased and gave my number to a BBC on the food line. I smiled at him and told him to call me in the morning.
I dropped hubby at the airport at 7am and my new friend texted on my way home. I told him that I wanted to get to know him at the bar but really couldn't and asked if he wanted to come to my house so we can get to know each other a bit.
He said he could be over by 9:30 so I raced home and changed. I think he knew what I wanted the moment I came to the door
My pussy was soaked as we were kissing, he had a nice long and fat cock to please me. I haven't been getting fucked lately except for hubby's little cock that I can barely feel inside me.
I was so eager to feel a real cock inside me and climbed on top to take him all the way inside me

I came over and over on his BBC every position every way I could

His first load I needed down my throat I wanted to taste every drop of his cum.

We laid in bed after for a while then he fucked me again, over and over all day long. For 6 or seven hours he fucked me. he gave me his cum 4 or 5 times and I came all day.

Usually hubby edits my videos but he won't be home till this afternoon. I invited one of his friends over "for some computer help" and had him make these clips. Yes I was very thankful, and hubby will see this when he gets home. He can edit the 7 hours of video for everyone to see. Hubby also has another business trip late next week :)

Monday, March 13, 2017

New Milf Adventure

First a little background;
Having five songs in the house you don't always realize as they start getting older. I have always dressed in little nighties around my house. 
Hubby and I also always go in the hot tub naked at night. 
A few years ago after one night when we got out of the hot tub we went in the bedroom to have some fun.  a few of our older sons friends went to our bedroom window to watch. I didn't realize but Hubby saw them, they were 19-20 year olds watching me suck hubbys cock and climb on top and fuck.
Since then Ive been "showing a bit more to the boys friends as they reach 18. Shorter nighties, bending to clean the floor in front of them. During the day since I work from home If the boys have friends over I wear thin white tank tops and tiny shorts.
I do my morning stretches where they can sneak and watch. Hubby has "accidentally" left pics on his laptop of me for them to steal.
Living in a house full of boys there are things I never realized, One of the kids long time friends who has been coming over since he was about 11 is now 19.
Hubby tells me that there is a 100%  chance that this kid has been jerking off thinking about me for years, I've been trying to think of ways to give him the chance to see much more.
We put up a vote on twitter and this week I am going to create an anonymous account to start sending him naughty pics.
He has to come over next month to help me plan something and when he does I'm going to look at my phone, As I am sitting next to him scantily dressed, " OMG that's you I was sending those pics to!"

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

From hubby

As all our fans know Jeanette and I love to share our adventures and we have evolved quite a bit into the lifestyle.
occasionally I look for something in old pics and emails, one thing leads to another and I get off track. Sometimes noticing things and my mind runs a little wild. As I was going through some of our early stuff I realized I may have been had.
When we first decided to start in the lifestyle it was through Jeanettes talk about the other girls in the army with her, we decided we would do some girl girl play with husbands just watching. Jeanette, at that time seemed to leave out telling me about the BBC's she messed around with in the military!
Our 1st experience was with another couple, It was supposed to be just girl girl play. Jeanette couldn't resist licking and sucking the other guys cock as it was sliding in and out of his wife!
Shortly after this J ordered some toys, they came with a free dvd, the dvd was all mfm, and the longest scene was a bbc joining a couple. this started some chat about a single guy
  A lot of talking and all of a sudden we were planning for the pizza boy,which was fun as hell and made a great vid. during this time I was the only contact with any single guys!
  After the pizza boy, he kept asking to see the vids, This was before drop box etc so my only choice was to put on DVD, When I put on dvd for him somehow I was talked into Jeanette meeting him so they could watch it together. I trusted him so I let them talk directly. My only rule was I wasn't comfortable with them fucking when I wasn't there,anything else was OK. i never knew how any of it went or how far it did. I do know she was talking and texting him and his brother.
We did have a ton of fun with the pizza boy so we were looking for the next single guy to do it again. Talk seemed to turn to the free vid she picked and the BBC. Before I knew it we made arrangements to meet one at a pool hall, If he could beat me he could fuck Jeanette. Every time I was up at the table shooting his hands were up her dress and hers were on his cock. Distracted I lost. We went to his hotel I watched her push back on his cock and take every inch! It was hot as hell and we were naturally planning again.
 Next we went to a swingers resort. We had fun with a few other couples but on the second or 3rd night in the pool we were approached by a BBC. He came back to our room and the play started. At this point we still had a ton of rules. Nobody cums in her mouth, no kissing and so on.
Well after the sucking and fucking session Jeanette was kissing him. I got pissed, kind of on the spot and walked out of the room. When we talked about it after She told me it was because he didn't cum, she felt bad. I watched the vid and noticed when he pulled out of her mouth cum landed on her arm. She swallowed his load, she said she didn't realize. further into the vid when they were fucking his condom was filled with cum, She said she didn't realize.
 Now summer was coming to a close, not much playtime with the kids around 24/7 so we were talking and planning. We decided to meet a BBC at his house to watch football. Within 2 minutes of being there J was sucking his fat BBC on the couch. He said "I'm going to cum, She replied "MMMHM" he said so you want me to? she said "MMMMHHM" he emptied his balls in her mouth, I think this time she made sure I knew there was no more rule. Right after she sucked my cock, how could I get upset.
  Next up was a rare Saturday when all the kids were out of the house, She had me post several places that we would be home all day, any and all bbc that wanted to cum over can, We had a few stop by some polite, some called her a whore and treated her that way!!
Now by this point we are scheduling BBC gang bangs, 3 or 4 bbc in hotel rooms and I am letting her talk to them directly. She is sending Them pics and making plan.
  by now she has confessed that she "played" with BBC in the military, She has said that an old boyfriend was BBC and his cock was too big but she wants a second try and we are talking to a dominant BBC that chats with her regularly, tells her what she should  do, how she should dress etc. She is now giving her # in bars. handing BBC notes on napkins that say " follow me outside so I can suck your cock" Her friend is helping make arrangements for BBC to meet us when out, to cum to the hotel when we have a room. They also start talk of her going to a hotel room alone to meet special BBC.
One night we are out playing pool, Her BBC told me during the day that she has to run home so she can chat with the guy she is planning the room with. At pool she tells me the same thing. I let her go, some innocent chat, some people are only available in the evening. She returns to the bar much later, devilish look on her face. And as we leave she tells me her pussy and ass are full of BBC cum. Her chat was really arrangements for her 1st bareback BBC, planned etc behind my back
I'm pissed etc,but now that it has happened she fesses up, she doesn't want condoms, she wants their cum. she wants it in her mouth, in her pussy, in her ass,
We are now making arrangements for a second football watching, this time specified that the BBC will be tested and will be cumming in every hole. He does, for hours!!
On the way home she is hungry, we stop at Carrabas, our waiter is a young BBC, She is dressed like a whore, showing him pics, rubbing his cock at the table. By the next weekend she has made arrangements to meet him and his cousin ALONE fuck them suck them and be a complete whore for them.
She now has a separate bbc phone number, she goes out alone, meets them for lunch, runs home lunchtime. She is a BBC whore.
As i look at all this together I think it was intentional, I was led down this road with careful planning from my slut wife.
I am working on putting together a movie, it will show the complete progression she has led me through. Stay tuned. And what does everyone else think? was this her plan all along?